27 December 2007

la première

Bonjour, blogosphere! One of my new year's resolutions is to keep a blog for the entire year, ideally posting at least 3 times a week, and so I'm trying to get a head start on things. This will hopefully stimulate my creativity and spice up my life even more. 2008 should be a fantastic year to blog, since I already know that I'll be making a cross country move with my family and spending the latter half of my year in Grenoble (hopefully my family will all be spending Christmas in France!!) Plus, I am anticipating a good semester at school this spring. This all adds up for some fun writing time!

Anyways, one of my projects over break for myself is to construct an inspiration board out of all the magazines, etc laying around my room for school.

Currently, I have about 3 photos, 7 colored pictures (crayon by my friends. talent, i know) and this pretty poster. That, though quite gorgeous, does not always inspire the desire to study, etc, that I would like to garner from it.

I also am a scrapbooking/card making junkie, and since I didn't get to bring any of my supplies home with me, a useful and gorgeous form of collaging will definitely satisfy my crafting itch. I'm hoping to make it a blend of what I already hold dear and the resolutions that I'd like to keep this new year!

Until next time, dear internet, keep pursuing the best things in life!

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