05 January 2008

daily outfit

I thought it might be fun to do a daily outfit kind of feature. Unfortunately, the same day that I decided that this would be a great venture was the day that I contracted pink eye (the second day of the new year. I am sincerely hoping that this is in no way significant of how 2008 is about to go for me). Anyways, though currently camera shy, I still wanted to show off my (boring but comfy) outfit because the shirt (new new new) is dying to show itself to the world.

yes, those are my real glasses. I have them in green, and they add a fun pop of color to my face. I also added a cell phone since I was earnestly texting whilst shopping (a feat, in case you were wondering). I also considered buying the unlimited text plan for my phone because I'm becoming addicted. Is there a Texters' Anonymous?

I have one glorious week of break freedom all to myself, and tonight I'll begin to plan what to include in my cram session. Isn't that how it always goes? I do believe a sleepover and fondue night are in the works (seperate events for now) but I'm thinking that I need to finish my Hepburnathon (once America's Next Top Model is done on VH1. I must confess, that has been my occupation since New Year's) and ease back into French. I do not wish any of les madames to smack me upside the head for forgetting how to speak French. And two literature courses at that! An intimidating prospect, but a mountain to conquer. Perhaps I will write a haiku or two. An excellent form of poetry, don't you think?

I enjoy baguettes,
Freshly crackling at the touch
Of gentle handlers.

Blizzards are coming.
More whiteness, and all I wish
Is for summer sun.

so wonderful. any haikus I must hear??


  1. I hope your eyes get better. Cute outfit.

  2. all the models at NY fashion week apparently have pink eye as well...so at least you are in glam company!