27 February 2008

team cotillard

So school has taken over my life encore. Shocking, I know :) but I wanted to break that silence to exclaim how excited I am that Marion Cotillard won her Oscar!!! I was generally a fan of the bits that I managed to watch of the Academy Awards.

Okay, so I actually haven't seen La Vie En Rose (stupid rural theater in stupid rural town), but I was rooting for Marion because she is one of my favorite French actresses, after Jeux d'Enfants and A Very Long Engagement. But to see a French actress get recognized with such an honor thrilled me beyond belief. i've watched the video an embarrassing amount of times now.

more cotillard goodness

elle chant un peu. si belle!

elle remercie en français.

Other good moments, Javier Bardem thanking su máma en español. It thrills my little language nerd heart when I hear languages I know on TV. I actually wish that Marion had said something in French, but eh, next time right? ;)

And in strictly non language related moments, i LOVED that they asked Kristin to sing "That's How You Know". It had been far too long since I had been able to truly partake in Chenowethy goodness, what with Pushing Daisies not having new episodes and all. And her singing training and ability was beautifully showcased by this song :)

Back to studying for my horrendous tests this week.

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